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Just the Facts

The truth about claims you may have heard or read.

Someone put out a candidate comparison chart that was unfair to your opponent. 


I didn’t put out the chart, but I’m surprised at the amount of attention it’s gathered.  It seems like a straightforward comparison of law enforcement credentials.


The truth is that my opponent has not yet made Sergeant, and his law enforcement leadership experience is very limited.  It's too much to expect that someone can come into the Constable's office, learn that office, start learning how to lead more experienced officers, start engaging as a public figure on crime prevention, safety, traffic, etc., and be an effective advocate for Dripping Springs.  And that does not take into account having a vision for our public safety and crime prevention that comes with a growing community.  


Your opponent had the flu at the time of the Dripping Springs Republicans Constable's candidate forum, and you refused to reschedule.


I don't know whether my opponent was sick or not, but he backed out of the debate a full week beforehand.  He did not contact me about rescheduling, not that it was our event to reschedule - the forum was hosted by Dripping Springs Republicans.  We were both invited almost two months in advance, and DSR publicized the event starting at least a month in advance. 

These events are not about the candidate's personal comfort level; the forum was for members of the group and Republicans in general.  Short of a life or death matter, the decision to back out was not a good one.  The Constable serves all members of the community, not just those he’s comfortable with.

Your opponent would have a better reporting relationship with the Sheriff and County Commissioner Walt Smith than you do.

The Constable does not “report to” the Sheriff or the Commissioner’s Court; he or she is their peer, elected by the people.  He or she must be a strong advocate for the taxpayers, the resources that our tax dollars pay for, and for law enforcement that works for our community. 

My opponent’s lack of experience would be a huge disadvantage to the community in this regard.  He's spent his entire law enforcement career to date reporting to people, who report to other people, who report to other people, who report to the Sheriff.  There’s nothing wrong with that but it doesn’t prepare you to work with the Sheriff as a partner, rather than as a subordinate.

And my opponent does seem to view the Constable as reporting to the Sheriff; in a recent eight question Q&A with the Hays County Republican Women, he deferred to “our county partners” twice, and when asked what services he sees being provided by the Constable’s Office, replied simply, “Determining this is something that will require input from more leaders than just the constable.”  Shorter version:  that’s above my pay grade.  

Certainly the community as a whole must have input, but the Constable must at least provide a vision.  Our system of government depends on robust representation, not just taking orders from a central authority.  

We should vote for your opponent because you're too old.

If elected, at the end of two terms I would be a little younger than Constable Hood is now.  Republicans have traditionally been the party of competence, and that’s especially important in law enforcement roles.  


We should vote for your opponent because he’s just like Constable Ron Hood.  (Alternatively, we should vote for your opponent because he’s from here.)


The reality is, Constable Hood, like me, had a very distinguished law enforcement career before running for Constable.  He retired from the Ft Lauderdale Police Department, and has held several other significant law enforcement roles.  Constable Hood hired me after I retired from the Dallas PD as a Lieutenant, and I’ve been working for him, and volunteering in Dripping Springs, for seven years.  I know the office, I know the community, I know the people, and I’m the best candidate to be our new Constable.


1. In Dripping Springs, vote early at the Headwaters Amenity Center or the Precinct 4 Office.

2. At check-in, select the REPUBLICAN ballot.

3. Vote Dave Graham for Constable, Precinct 4!

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